IU Event Planning Students Partnering with PALS!

This year, at the 2016 PALS Fun Show, myself along with four other girls in my Event Planning class had the privilege of working behind the scenes with the PALS staff in preparation of this exciting event. We worked closely with Cynthia, the Outreach Coordinator of the organization. Siena, Emily, Meghan, Carly, and I were able to assist in planning the event by doing things like coming up with ideas for the Fun Zone, planning decorations, public relations and marketing, themes and layout. We were all super excited about helping out with the Fun Show and could not wait for the day of the event to arrive. When the day finally came and we started setting up, we couldn’t stop talking about how excited we were for people to start showing up and for the event to be under way.

Although the five of us were busy with our assigned duties during the show, we all made it a point to make it into the arena to simply take in the beauty of the event and witness the fun that the clients were having. “My favorite part of the Fun Show was seeing the clients ride their horses,” said Siena Patty who was busy at the check-in station throughout the day. “Seeing their smiling faces as they rode and received their trophies was incredible. Their hard word and dedication clearly paid off and I’m so glad that I got a chance to help out this amazing organization.” All of us left the event with a new found love for an organization that many of us had barely even heard of before. Just being able to attend the event that everyone involved with PALS looks forward to every single year made it such an amazing experience for us and we look forward to hopefully helping out with PALS again in the future.

-Tori Drake
IU Event Planning Student




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