Our Staff

 Paul Bryan
  • Name: Paul Bryan
  • Position: Executive Director
  • Email: paul@palstherapy.org
  • Before coming to PALS, Paul served as Development Director for Indiana Forest Alliance. Prior to that, he was Development Director for Tara Treatment Center in Franklin, Indiana, where he first learned about horses as part of the recovery process for individuals with substance use disorder. Overall, Paul has worked as a development professional staff member or as a contractor for a number of organizations, from Indianapolis to the Columbus area, dating back to 2001.
 Cynthia FINAL
  • Name: Cynthia Wakley
  • Position: Operations Director
  • Email: cynthia@palstherapy.org
  •  Cynthia was first introduced to PALS in 2011 when she began volunteering as a side walker, horse leader, and stable manager. In 2016, she graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in Event Planning. With her love of horses and event planning, PALS is the perfect fit! Cynthia is very happy to be a part of the PALS family and community. In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys spending time with her two dogs, cat, and husband, scrapbooking, photography, and baking.


Kat Thomas
  • Name: Kat Thomas
  • Position: Facility & Equine Manager
  • Email: katherine@palstherapy.org
  • Kat was raised in Bloomington, IN with her two sisters who all share a love for all things equine. Owning horses since childhood she has experienced multiple disciplines in both English and Western riding and has worked in several barns specializing in different areas. As a teen, Kat focused primarily on Hunter – Jumpers and English pleasure. Her current interest is in rehabilitation and re-education for horses coming from a rough beginning or those horses in need of another chance at life. Kat tries her best to live by her favorite horseman, Buck Brannaman’s quote: “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”


  • Name: Christa Arthur
  • Position: Lead Instructor
  • Email: christa@palstherapy.org
  • Certification: PATH Intl. Registered Instructor
  • Christa was first introduced to horses by a friend in high school. It was at this time she began showing in 4H. After high school in 2014, Christa found PALS and started volunteering as a side walker, horse leader and stable manager. Since then, she has become a Barn Assistant and a PATH Intl.-Certified Instructor. In her free time, Christa enjoys baking, cake decorating, and riding her horses, Star and King.


  • Name: Jamie Springer
  • Position: Part-time Instructor
  • Email: james@palstherapy.org
  • Certification: PATH Intl. Registered Instructor
  • James has been riding horses since 2011 and has experience in Western, English, and Saddleseat. During his time at summer horse camps that he found his love of teaching children about horses. James grew up with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy that gave him an opportunity to try horseback riding in order to strength his muscles. He overcame his challenges and wanted to share his experiences with others who have disabilities. Riding and building relationships with horses can help build confidence, perseverance, and developmental skills. In 2019, James earned his certification as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor with PATH Int’l. During James’ lessons, riders are taught to be confident and safe while still having fun. He often uses games to keep riders engaged and focused as they learn. Knowing his students, setting goals, and including families in the learning process are all important parts of James’ teaching philosophy.


  • Name: Josiah Zintsmaster
  • Position: Indiana University Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE)
  • E-mail: jzintsma@iu.edu
  • Attending Indiana University, Josiah is studying Business Management and Marketing. Growing up on a farm Josiah has been around livestock but has had limited exposure to horses. However, he is excited to be involved at PALS and encourage others do the same. Josiah is an Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE) at PALS, meaning he will act as the link between PALS and IU students in service learning classes. With his leisure time, he enjoys traveling, learning about other cultures, and being outdoors. ​
  Barn Staff

  • Pat Carroll – Barn Assistant
  • Haliey Coubal – Barn Assistant
  • Kelly Holland – Maintenance Worker

*** All PALS instructors are PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors or are supervised by a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor at all times.




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