PALS promotes joy, quality of life, better health, and empowerment by providing therapeutic programs with horses.


By providing a caring, safe, and challenging environment, PALS will foster growth and individual achievement of all participants that will enable them to reach their highest potential.

PALS is a nonprofit therapeutic riding center located in Bloomington, IN. We provide therapeutic horseback riding & unmounted equine activities to people with disabilities, veterans, senior citizens, and at-risk youth. The therapeutic power of the horse can offer many physical, emotional, and social benefits for a diverse population. As a PATH Intl. Premier-Accredited center, all programs are designed to be individualized and safe.





Adaptive riding

These lessons include mounted activities from either traditional riding disciplines or adaptive riding activities and are conducted by a PATH Intl. certified instructor to ensure the highest quality services available in a safe and fun environment.

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ground program

Participants will learn grooming and tacking, leading horses, equine anatomy and behavior, nutrition, and barn management skills. This program is highly tailored to the individual’s abilities and goals.

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recreational lessons

traditional riding

Recreational riding activities are designed to develop equestrian skills and knowledge through traditional English or Western riding lessons. For beginning to intermediate riders without disabilities.

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veterans program

Equine-assisted activities provide veterans with a hands-on approach to treating post-combat challenges such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury, pain, depression, and relationship dysfunction.

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At-risk youth program

EQUIPT provides youth with an opportunity to develop life skills such as leadership, setting
boundaries, trust, and overcoming challenges via interaction with horses.

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Silver spurs

senior citizens program

This program provides therapeutic opportunities for senior citizens in the community. They work on skills such as memory retention and motor skills as they groom the horses and reflect on their experience.

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changing leads

substance use recovery

Participants learn to process their emotions, respond to failure appropriately, and understand themselves better through their interaction with horses.

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This inclusive camp is designed for children aged 5 to 12 who are  beginner to  intermediate riders. 2021 sessions are open for registration.

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“I have seen encouraging results in their physical strength and posture, confidence and attitude, and communication skills. Our lessons are something we all look forward to each week. The staff and horses feel like family to us. There is something exchanged between a horse and rider as one rides and cares for it that cannot adequately be put into words, but I have seen the benefits of the exchange in my children and am very grateful for our experience at PALS.”
-Pamela Heinlein, Caregiver


“My time at PALS has strengthened my connection with animals, especially horses. I’ve learned to be more positive and patient with myself and others. I’ve found happiness in the progress of the clients. I finally experienced the ‘magic of the horse!’ Through my work here, I have realized I’m a lot more capable than I give myself credit for and I have natural inclination to serve others. I am sad to be leaving but I have a strong feeling I’ll be back. This experience is one that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”
-Hannah C. from AmeriCorps


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