Go Bananas! Challenge


Do you have a junk drawer that needs clearing out? We can help!

PALS is participating in the Go Bananas Challenge, hosted by the

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Organizations across the country collect old cell phones, smartphones, iPods, iPads, tablets, and chargers to be safely recycled. Cell phones contain materials that are considered hazardous waste if sent to landfills. Further, they contain an ore called coltan, which is mined in endangered gorilla habitat in Africa.
Recycling your electronics reduces the demand for coltan and saves gorillas and their habitats. The organization that collects the most phones will win $4,000, and the most creative collection campaign will win $1,000! Save gorillas, support our horses and programs, and get rid of your old junk. Win-win-win!
Drop off your electronics during your next visit to the barn, or let us know a time you’d like to stop by! Learn more about the challenge here