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birthday: 10/15/2004

Scout joined the PALS herd following a career as a lesson horse for a local community member. Always willing, Scout was a great mount for children and beginners who needed a steady partner to show them the way. Scout enjoys a challenge, carrying riders who need more support, but also enjoys trotting around the arena with more independent riders.

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daisy mae

birthday: 01/01/2008

Daisy Mae is the sweetest miniature horse with dwarfism that you will ever meet. Before coming to PALS, she was used in adaptive programs. She has the greatest personality and loves everyone she meets. Daisy Mae is used in our unmounted program, attends community events and organizations, and contributes to the happiness in our barn!

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Frankie closeup - brown and white paint horse


owner: PALS
birthday: 01/01/2006

Frankie is a paint gelding who was used for trail riding before becoming part of the PALS program in 2022.  He has a very kind soul. Frankie is deaf so he uses his eyes a lot to tell what’s going on around him.  He has a nice walk, trot and canter and is very willing to please his rider.

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birthday: 01/01/2004

Tank (formerly Tanaquah) is a red roan Quarter Horse gelding. He started his training as a cutting horse; however, he grew much bigger than the ideal size for cutters, so he moved on to a different discipline. He was trained in dressage next and also served as a horse for trail riding. Tank’s calm demeanor and sweet personality make him a good fit for our equine-assisted programs!

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owner: john rinne
birthday: 01/01/1999

Pistol is a chestnut quarter horse, standing at 15 hands high. He joined the PALS herd following a career as a reining horse. Pistol is being leased to PALS by his owner, John. His slow and gentle mannerism makes him perfect for more nervous riders and his reining background also makes him a great fit for independent riders.

The prenkert family

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Headshot of large brown horse with a white stripe on his face


Owner: pals
birthday: 01/01/2001

Big “D” is a 21 year old Belgian/Mustang cross. He stands 17 hands tall and weighs 1500 lbs!  He was  donated to PALS and has done trail riding, jumping and some arena work in younger years.  He is a much needed bigger horse for the program and will be used for larger clients and those needing a different type of movement in their therapy.

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Close of up Nemo - an orange and white Shetland pony


Owner: PALS
birthday: 01/01/2005

Nemo is a 17 year old Shetland pony.  He weighs 450 lbs and stands at just 11 hands high.  Nemo is a lesson pony for smaller riders and ground lessons.  He also drives a cart!

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Photo of Beauty looking at camera


Owner: pals
birthday: 01/01/2009

Beauty is a 13 year old quarter horse mare who use to be a kids’ horse at an Indiana farm. She loves being groomed and getting lots of attention! The red tips in her mane and tail add flare to her black beauty.

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