Experience the transformative power of the human-horse connection

Our programs are designed to utilize the power of the human-horse connection to meet the needs of individuals and groups. Lessons and classes are facilitated by Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) Certified Instructors and PATH Equine Assisted Learning facilitators to inspire emotional, cognitive, social, and physical growth through engaging activities with horses.

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“We find clients always experience an improvement in mood after a lesson.”

Client Testimonial


We offer a variety of equine-assisted programs tailored to different populations. Regardless of your background, we have a program specifically crafted to meet your needs.

Adaptive Riding

We offer adaptive riding lessons tailored to suit children and adults with diverse physical, developmental, learning, or emotional needs. Our Adaptive Program warmly welcomes both individuals and groups for lessons catered to their unique abilities and goals.

EAL Ground Lessons

Our Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) ground classes foster bonding with the horse through grooming and doing groundwork, as opposed to riding, as well as developing life skills. These activities help establish trust in your horse and strengthen the relationship between the client and the horse.

Recreational Riding

We offer recreational lessons for those eager to grow their equestrian skills and understanding. Our focus is not only on riding but also on equine care, safety, and horsemanship, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for all.

Changing Leads

This uniquely impactful group program helps individuals engaged in addiction recovery with an equine-assisted adaptive curriculum. The Changing Leads classes are ground group sessions offered in partnership with local recovery organizations.


This uniquely impactful group program helps youth who are at-risk with an equine-assisted adaptive curriculum. The EQUIPT classes are ground group sessions offered in partnership with local youth organizations.

Valiant Strides

We offer ground and riding lessons to veterans and first responders. This program is designed to provide a supportive environment for healing, reintegration, and enhancing quality of life.

Program Fees

PALS has scholarship opportunities available for qualifying clients.


Evaluations are required for all new clients.

We’ll explore the structure of a typical lesson and clarify scheduling procedures. Additionally, we’ll take a tour of the facility, introduce you to our horses, groom one of them, and address any inquiries you might have. Feel free to bring along the paperwork, and during our discussion, we can assess lesson slot availability.

Evaluations: $50 per hour

Therapeutic Lessons

Determined on whether the client has a medical diagnosis. Client will be required to have a physician’s form and/or therapist form on file.

Group Lessons: $60 per hour

Private Lessons: $70 per hour

Horsemanship Lessons: $60 per hour

Recreational Lessons

We offer recreational lessons for individuals without a diagnosis from a physician who want to learn on quiet, gentle horses.

Group Lessons: $60 per hour

Private Lessons: $90 per hour

Horsemanship Lessons: $60 per hour

The Benefits

Older woman standing face-to-face with Pistol, a brown horse

Adaptive riding utilizes horses to enhance the well-being of individuals with disabilities across multiple domains. The unique movement of the horse mimics human gait, engaging riders’ posture, balance, and reflexes, while the horse’s warmth further aids therapeutic benefits. This approach fosters improvements in balance, muscle symmetry, motor function, coordination, and posture.

Many studies have investigated the psychological impacts of therapeutic horseback riding, revealing significant enhancements in areas like achievement, coping skills, self-efficacy, confidence, and anger management. Increased social motivation and engagement, linked to the multisensory experience of riding and the perception of reward, have been observed.

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