PALS Sensory Trail

The PALS Sensory Trail is an interactive experience designed for our clients to participate in activities that engage their five senses. Along the half-mile, clients will have the opportunity to ride or walk their horse through 10 stations that support and encourage sensory perception. This interactive experience in nature is designed specifically for those with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences. 

If you are inspired by the future impact of our trail and would like to donate, learn about available Stations Sponsorships below. 




Through the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to complete Phase One of our trail. We are now ready to begin Phase Two, finalizing sponsorships of our sensory stations. Above are the detailed stations and the support needed. If you are inspired by the future impact of our trail and would like to contribute, contact our Development Director at

Construction for stations begins in March 2023! PALS will be hosting a ribbon cutting with the Bloomington Chamber after the stations are completed.

Wooden trail head sign.

Trail Head Sign

This station is a detailed map of the trail. Clients will review and choose the stations they want to experience. Additionally, clients can practice memory skills by recalling the station order along the way.


James and Joyce Grandorf

Striped red white and blue ground poles and a horse parking sign.

Steering Station

This station will include a ground pole path, traffic signs, and parking spots for clients to practice guiding their horse and following directional instructions. Traffic signs will include “Woah,” “Keep Left,” and “Parking.” 


Hoosier Hills Credit Union 

Child in orange shirt on a brown horse tossing a small red ball into a yellow basketball hoop.

Basketball Station

This station will bring a familiar arena game onto the trail! With three basketball hoops of varying heights, clients will practice coordination and counting. Clients will also engage with a fun flip score card. 

SPONSORED: Leigh Richey

4 wooden garden boxes, with orange, purple, and yellow flowers.

Scentsational Station

 Clients will engage with familiar horse-friendly scents. In the warmer months, fresh rosemary, peppermint, and other safe scents will be in our plant boxes. In the winter, clients will recognize prepared scents such as hay, grain, and alfalfa cubes!

SPONSORED: John Morton

Woman in a blue shirt and jeans leading a brown horse across a wooden bridge.

Trail Bridge

The trail bridge provides a different terrain texture for clients to guide their horse across. The sound of hooves on the wooden bridge will provide a new  auditory discovery. 

Co-Sponsors: CarpetsPlus

The Seth Sears Buddie Foundation

Palomino horse being lead through blue green and pink pool noodles that are horizontally attached to poles.

Noodle Curtain

Clients have the option to guide their horse through a curtain of pool noodles. They can reach out and touch the curtain and notice the different texture and colors. Clients will practice trust and courage as they guide their equine partner through this station.

SPONSORED: April Peters

Sand pit on the grass and various textured sea shells.

Beach Station

Everyone deserves a beach vacation! Clients will guide their horse over a sand pit to experience a different terrain texture and sound. Clients will also select different textured shells to carry with them through the station.

SPONSORED: Kid’s Play Gym

Blonde child in a light blue t-shirt playing with a xylophone set in the park. The xylophone is red, orange, pink, yellow, light blue, and dark blue.

Sound Station

Clients will be able to interact with different musical instruments and the sounds they make. We will be offering windchimes, a xylophone, and a rain stick.


Log Pass

Clients will guide their horses over a path of partially buried logs and railroad ties. This requires coordination and balance.


SPONSORED: Priscilla Cuevas

Finish Line Sign

Our Finish Line Sign will offer clients a well deserved sense of accomplishment. We love to celebrate our clients’ hard work.


Seth Sears Buddie Foundation

Utility Terrain Vehicle


PALS is in need of a utility terrain vehicle to safely and efficiently access the trail for routine checks and in case unexpected maintenance or client needs arise.

If you or your company are interested in making this $20,000 sponsorship, contact our Development Director,